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As defined in the OECD DAC SEA Guidance (2006) Strategic Environmental Assessment refers to a range of "analytical and participatory approaches that aim to integrate environmental considerations into policies, plans and programmes and evaluate the inter-linkages with economic and social considerations."

The OECD DAC ENVIRONET Task Team on SEA was established in 2004 under the Network on Environment and Development Cooperation (ENVIRONET) – a subsidiary body of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC). Its membership is flexible and drawn from the membership of ENVIRONET (bilateral and multilateral donors and some observer organizations) as well invited international experts in SEA. The Task Team’s initial purpose was to develop DAC Guidance on SEA in Development Cooperation (published in 2006). It continues its work on a range of other products and outreach activities. The Task Team engages in dialogue, exchange experiences and sharing resources on SEA. See Partners for links to Task Team Partner Institution Websites.

This website provides several SEA resources and the outputs of the Task Team, including the OECD Guidelines and Reference Series "Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment: Good Practice Guidance for Development Cooperation" and supplementary Advisory Notes.